Terms and conditions

INTERBRANDING, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. (herein “WILD”), requires all of the Users utilizing and acceding the web page: https://bywild.team (herein “WEB SITE”) to abide by the following terms and conditions for the use of the network (“Terms and Conditions”). The Terms and Conditions are complementary to the dispositions related to personal data treatment, as in compliance with the privacy notice disclosed in the WEB SITE (the “Privacy Notice”).

The user has the right to use the services offered by the WEB SITE once the Terms and Conditions are accepted, provided the user has not inflicted such Terms and Conditions, privacy notice, laws, rules, or any other current regulation promoted by any Mexican authority.

Any user that does not accept the Terms and Conditions shall abstain to utilize the WEB SITE and will not be able to obtain the services WILD provides through it.

Web Site Ownership

WILD is the owner and sole proprietor of the WEB SITE rights and of all the information contained within, including without limitation, images, videos, GIF, photographs, logos, brands, commercial slogans, designs, data, codes, projections, intellectual property rights and all the information exhibited or available to the USER in the WEB SITE in lieu of the services provided by WILD.

The right to use the WEB SITE and hire the services associated to it, does not grant the user with any property or right of exploitation or use over such images, videos, GIF, photographs, logos, brands, commercial slogans, designs, data, codes, projections, intellectual property rights and all the information exhibited or available to the user in the WEB SITE in lieu of the services provided by WILD.

The download of any content or information obtained through the WEB SITE or in any other way sent by WILD does not grant the user ownership over it.

Commercial brands, logos, commercial names, commercial slogans and any other distinctive trait of the services provided through the WEB SITE, used on the WEB SITE or contained in the documents received by the user due to the services provided by WILD, will remain at all times as WILD ownership, registered or not, and must not be used under any circumstances by the user without WILD`s written authorization.


Previous to the subscription to the WEB SITE, every user shall analyze and accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Notice in order to be able to use the WEB SITE, notwithstanding any other foregoing condition that  the user must comply according to the information published on the WEB SITE or presented in any other document and agreement that shall be executed for the procurement of WILD services.

The user might access and watch the content of the WEB SITE from its computer or any other compatible device, committing at all times to protect its contents, and not to use the content that has not been specifically authorized.

Every user specifically recognizes that the use of the WEB SITE is only and exclusively for personal use, and in any case shall be destined to commercial use.

The user is prohibited to distribute, commercially exploit, promote or publicize the WEB SITE (with the exception of information publicized in the WEB SITE that can be accessed by any person without further registration on the WEB SITE) or any content, code, data or material shown on the WEB SITE.

The user is not allowed to edit, alter, eliminate or in any way modify the content exhibited on the WEB SITE or any content provided by WILD.

The user acknowledges and accept that the use of the WEB SITE and the information sent through it, in lieu of the provided services, might involve contact with light or intermittent drawings that might cause photosensitive epileptic episodes on some persons, notwithstanding if they have or have not experienced this type of episode on the past, or have been effectively diagnosed or presented symptoms associated to this pathology, such as dizziness, disorientation, confusion, sudden conscience loss, tension in eyes and face, altered vision or involuntary movements of arms or legs. The user shall abstain to use the WEB SITE or any other data or information that can content lights or intermittent drawings if he has recent knowledge or possibility to present an harmful effect on his health, for having in particular but not exclusively, a epileptic condition, or when the contact with such images or intermittent drawings may produce any symptom related with epileptic episodes. WILD shall not be held responsible for the damages that might be caused to the user acting in violation of this paragraph.

The services of the WEB SITE will only be available to users with legal capacity to contract and the use of the services is explicitly prohibited to users that do not have this capacity, either by age or juridical reasons, in compliance with related laws. Likewise, WILD reserves the possibility to exclude users from the WEB SITE for not making an adequate use or not complying with the established policies.

The available hours for operations and services in the platform are as follow:

Monterrey, Mexico: Monday to Friday form 9:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. and form 3:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. hours.

Guatemala City, Guatemala: Monday to Friday form 9:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. and form 3:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. hours.

When the platform experience malfunctions, WILD will communicate the users through the email gathered by WILD and will provide them with options for the continuity of the service.

WILD shall not have any responsibility whatsoever for any malfunction presented in the platform for causes not attributed to WILD.

Veracity of the Information

The user shall complete the data requested in the registration form in all its fields, this might include personal data which will be protected as stated in the Privacy Notice.

The user understands and approves that WILD might ask in any moment for documents to verify the information provided or any additional data, according to this Terms and Conditions or any other document or agreement executed by the user and WILD. The use of the WEB SITE shall be suspended for the user until the data verification is complete.

WILD reserves the right to ask for receipts or additional data to verify the Personal Data, as well as to suspend temporary or definitely the user whose information has not been able to be verified or resulted fake. In this case the user will not be able to use the WEB SITE and shall be void of the possible services requested to WILD.

WILD undertakes with the users that are potential investors through the WEB SITE, as well as with whom are subjects of collective investment with investors resources, to share real information at all times. 

Likewise, WILD is bound to validate the information of the subjects of collective investment is legal and verifiable.

User account

Any user shall navigate through the WEB SITE without registration to obtain an account. But in order to use some of the functionalities of the WEB PAGE they shall register, choose a user name and establish a password. If this is done, the information provided shall be exact and complete. In case of a private individual, she shall inform that is acting on her own, and might not be able to supplant any other person identity, nor choose offensive names or names that interfere with third party rights. The fact of not complying with these rules, shall cause the account cancelation.

The user shall be responsible for all the activity on its account and shall safeguard the password. In order to create an account, the user must be at least 18 years old, or have legal age to contract in its place of residence. If we consider it necessary, we must ask for the age to be verified.

The user´s subscription to the WEB SITE will generate a personal account, which is non-transferable and for personal use only. The user shall maintain in secret and abstain to reveal de data associated with its personal account to third parties, including without limitation the user name and password.

Users shall not subscribe nor have more than one account and will be held responsible for the handling and consequences of all the operations processed in the account.

The User must notify “WILD” of any event that might imply any inappropriate or illegal appropriation of the account access information from any third party, as well as any fact implying the inappropriate use of the account.

In case of theft, loss or forgotten access codes to the Platform, the client must: report it to “WILD” so they can conduce the corresponding process to create a new password. “WILD” via telephone or email will provide the user with a new password.

Inappropriate Web Site use Prohibition

Notwithstanding the content on this Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Notice or any other documents or agreements executed with “WILD”, the User shall abstain to send, remit, distribute, upload, inform, spread, broadcast, or in any way make public, either through the Web Site or any other channels enabled in order for “WILD” to provide the services (including without limitation, blogs, forums, news tabloids or any message services) any material or content that:

  • Restricts or suppress any other User to use or benefit from the WEB SITE and the services associated to it.
  • Is fraudulent, illegal, threatening, abusive, harassing, untruthful, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic or sexually explicit.
  • Constitutes or enables conducts considered as a crime under any applicable law, enables civil responsibility or in any other way causes or incite the violation of any local, national or international law.
  • Violates third party rights, including without limitation copyright.
  • Has virus, spyware or any other harmful component.
  • Contains fixed links, publicity, chain messages, pyramid schemes of any kind or
  • Constitutes or contains origin indications, false or misleading endorsements or declarations.
  • The user has the obligation to pay compensations in case of damaging WILD´S reputation or corporate image; this might be caused by liquidated damages generated from the inappropriate use of the WEB SITE or the information contained in the platform, or for the violation of any applicable law or this Terms and Conditions, such compensations shall be paid through damage quantification, the User shall cover the expenses of all the proceedings that result on a possible lawsuit, or process of any nature, conciliation, investigation, reclamation, as well as the lawyers fees.

Information Confidentiality

Notwithstanding the established in other documents or agreements executed between “WILD” and the User, all of the information (not including public information, or information to which access is not conditioned by the registration as a User), including without limitation all of the information sent by “WILD” in lieu of the Terms and Conditions or any other document or agreement executed to obtain the services associated to the WEB SITE is confidential an the USER explicitly compel to maintain it as confidential and do not reveal or divulge it to third parties without direct judicial interest, including without limitation, officials, directors, employees, agents, representatives, contractors or advisors, and might only permit the access to the people that reasonably require it or if requested by an administrative or judicial authority.

In case the USER decides not to hire the services provided by WILD, the USER is compelled to immediately destroy all the information (including messages, copies, registries or files) that WILD could have sent, or in any other way had access to, and is related to the WEB SITE content or the services provided by WILD.

Among the conditions and limits of the applicable law, WILD reserves the possibility to eliminate without previous notice and without compensation rights, any unlawful content that comes to their attention, as well as the personal account of any user or project creator who posted the illicit content.

WILD reserves the right to communicate to the authorities any element that shall permit the identification of any USER whom had published illicit content according to WILD´s confidentiality policy.


WILD offers professional marketing, innovation and publicity services based on users´ digital data, to create and communicate new value propositions.

Another one of WILD principal services is to develop brand communication strategies, accompanied with digital content strategy management. 

Use of content:

WILD´S WEB SITE contains information and multimedia content such as images, videos, GIF, photographs, logos, brands, commercial slogans, designs, data, codes, projections, intellectual property rights and all the information exhibited or available to the USER in the WEB SITE in lieu of the services provided by WILD dully registered and protected by copyright law, the use of this content is limited only and exclusively to third party information purposes. The USERS shall not modify, reproduce and/or broadcast this information with commercial purposes.


Brands and logos showed in the “Work” section of the WEB SITE are brands registered by third parties. The unlawful use of the names and contents showed in the WEB SITE is strictly prohibited.


WILD`S WEB PAGE requests users to register by providing several personal contact information (name, email and phone) in order to provide information about the services offered by the agency, so they can receive personalized assessment by a member of the organization. Likewise, it permits a contact registry for the application on job openings in career section, and for the actualization of new articles in the blog section, where access is requested by personal user social media in order to share the articles in their site and profiles.

Dispositions Precedence

Given the case that a disposition contained in Terms and Conditions shall be contradictory with any other disposition established in other agreement or document related to the services provided by WILD, the terms established in that other agreement or document shall prevail.

Terms and Conditions Modification

WILD shall, at any time and without User´s authorization, add, eliminate or modify in any way the WEB SITE content, its services and the Terms and Conditions. Any modification to the Terms and Conditions shall be effective after (10) natural days since the introduction of such alteration; after this term it shall be valid, this is understood and accepted by the USER.

At the moment a modification in the aforementioned services is made, the previously registered USER shall receive a notification, indicating the changes that have been made. The USER has the right to reject those modifications and express the inconformity through the COMPLAINTS section. The USER must restrain to use the services provided by the WEB SITE at the moment the inconformity is manifested.


This Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the current legislation in Mexico, particularly regarding text messages, procurement and e commerce it shall be governed by the dispositions of Copyright Law and Industrial Property Law, as well as any other applicable federal legislation.

Any dispute generated by this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, shall be submitted to the applicable law and the competent courts in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, consequently WILD and the USER waiver any other jurisdiction that might correspond to them regarding their present or future address.