Privacy Policy

INTERBRANDING, S.A.P.I DE C.V. (herein the “Responsible”) with address at the tower known as “Pabellon M” 24 th floor, located on Av. Benito Juárez number 1102, in Downtown Monterrey, Nuevo León, zip code 64000, telephone +52 1 81 8173 2300 y +52 1 81 8173 2300 and email we acknowledge that you as a visitor of our offices and/or web site, consumer or potential consumer of our products and/or services have the right to know about the information we gather from you and our practices regarding such information.

The conditions contained in this document, are applicable to the information gathered in name of and by the Responsible or any of our affiliated entities, or subsidiaries, by any means, including through the web site operated the Responsible.

Personal Data

Personal data gathered by the Responsible directly or indirectly consists on the following: Identification personal data such as (full name, address, land line and cell phone, company you work for, digital finger print, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, occupation and/or direct family members). We commit to handle all of your data under the most severe security procedures to grant its confidentiality.


The principal purposes for gathering your information are: i). Sending information regarding the services we offer; ii). Contact with clients and/or suppliers; iii).Provide a service with the best standards in the market, complying with the standards through internal processes, to ensure the quality and security of the client in our facilities.

The secondary purposes for gathering your information are: billing, collection, changes on or new products, services, promotional messages, service quality evaluations; compliance with service derived obligations; applicable legislation compliance, authority information requirements, either for investigations, statistics or regulatory reports; to answer to your comments related to the services; send notices and information of our services; and to contribute with the continuous improvement processes.

Personal Data Transference and Commission

Furthermore, we inform you that your personal data might be transferred to third parties and might be shared to commissioners for their treatment within or outside of the country, by different entities, the Responsible shall give instructions for its treatment. In that effect, your information can be transferred or shared with (i) Various professionals, experts and assistants, as well as other private entities for subrogated services matters related to client success; (ii) Loyalty program administrators; (iii) Responsible´s commercial partners, with the purpose of administration and operation of complimentary services; (iv) Entities or third parties operating in collaborative ways with the Responsible of any product, service, software or informatic infrastructure serving as a platform for the completion of operations or services; (v) Third party service providers or product vendors necessary for the Responsible´s operations, also commissioners that operate or offer services for the Responsible in compliance with current legislation and the articles of incorporation, such as, commissioners, data processors, marketing material delivery businesses, couriers, security, securities transport, publicity agencies, information security, with the purpose of meeting the ends provided in this privacy notice; (vi) External professionals, advisors or consultants, in order to manage sales operations, services and other activities the Responsible might make in compliance with current legislation and articles of incorporation, as well as for the protections of their interests in face to any legal controversy emerging of those operations and services, such as collection agencies, external auditors, legal, accounting, among others; and (vii) All of the governmental and/or judicial agencies that by law request and/or require from the Responsible, personal data of their clients and/or family members, needed for the compliance of several legislations.

If you don’t manifest your opposition, for the transference of your personal data, it shall be understood that you had given your consent.

The Responsible informs that all of the Services Agreements with third parties that require the treatment of personal information in name of or in account of the Responsible, shall include a provision guaranteeing that they grant the level of personal data protection, established in the previous paragraph. In any case, the handling of personal data will comply with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by private individuals (herein the Law) and its regulation.

The information provided shall be truthful and complete. Consequently, the truthfulness of the data provided, is your responsibility, and in any case the Responsible shall be liable for this matter.

Exercise of ARCO rights

At any given time you can exercise your ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and objection) about the treatment of the provided personal data, such as revoking the consent granted by this document, you shall contact us through the email, the procedures and requirements that the request shall contain in compliance with the Law and its Regulation are as follows:

(1) Name and address, if the address is not contained in the requirement, it shall not be processed. (2) A document that demonstrate your identity or your representative personality (copy of official ID). The legal representative shall prove the titular´s identity, representative identity, and the power of attorney by public deed or proxy signed before two witnesses, or personal declaration; (3) The clear and precise description of the personal data you wish to access, rectify, cancel or object; (4) Description of elements that might contribute to the localization of your personal data (web site, agency). The documents shall be scanned and attached to the email to verify their truthfulness.

To understand the procedures, requirements and legal periods of your ARCO rights, you can contact us at email

Surveillance Video

Be advised that you are being recorded by the security cameras of the Responsible. The sounds and images will be used to provide security to you and other visitors.

The Responsible has undertaken the security levels of personal data protection required by the Law and its Regulation, under the principles of legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. All of this under strict security, confidentiality and information consistency rules.

Be advised that your personal data shall be guarded under strict security, administrative, technical and physical measures, implemented with the objective of protecting your personal data against harm, loss, alteration, destruction or the unauthorized use, access or handling.

Modifications to the Privacy Notice

The Responsible reserves the right to make modifications or actualizations to this Privacy Notice, at any time, in order to attend law modifications or case law alterations, internal politics, new requirements for providing or offering services, and market practices, any modification to the Privacy Notice shall be available through our Web Site; in the section “Privacy Notice”.

This Privacy Notice has been modified on September 2nd, 2022.